What is NEDCO?

Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) and CDFI, is dedicated to catalyzing (re)investment in local economies. NEDCO collaborates and partners with city municipalities, businesses, neighbors, developers, and other institutions to meet community and economic development goals in the Phoenix Metro Area. We approach this work through three avenues: businesses, neighborhoods, and placemaking. By supporting businesses to build capacity, providing opportunities for neighbors to have a voice, and bringing communities together through place, we are able to holistically address local issues and support local reinvestment.

Most importantly, NEDCO knows that helping you and your business succeed helps the community, helping the community creates opportunity for more businesses and more people. NEDCO knows how important you and your business are to the big picture.

What Is The CDFI Fund?

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), NEDCO is certified by the US Department of Treasury to provided alternative financing programs to businesses within or serving low-moderate income neighborhoods. It is often difficult for small or start-up businesses to qualify for loans with traditional banks. With NEDCO, however, the loan application process is easier, and qualification factors are weighted differently than a traditional bank. In addition, NEDCO provides development assistance: education, networking and support.

Learn more about the CDFI Fund at www.cdfifund.gov.