Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of healthy local economies, and are integral to quality of life in our neighborhoods. NEDCO works in low-moderate income areas and business districts along the light rail corridor that experience the challenge of construction, as well as the challenges and opportunities of development that follows. With this focus, NEDCO provides the following assistance to help businesses thrive:

  • Coordinating Business Districts
  • Advocacy
  • Technical Assistance


The majority of NEDCO’s technical assistance comes in the form of group workshops, but there are one-on-one opportunities as funding is available. These services are focused on providing in-depth, substantive, outcome-oriented business services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses

NEDCO provides a large variety of educational workshop and training opportunities to businesses in LMI areas of Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix. These trainings offer businesses opportunities for introduction, refreshers and expanded knowledge of a variety of topics, including:

  • Merchant, Restaurant, Retail focused training
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Preparing Business Plans
  • Financing and Loan Packaging
  • Information Technology
  • Lease negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Export Support

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NEDCO also provides business and entrepreneurship series as funding is available. These are specialty courses designed to cover a wide array of topics to jump-start a business venture or expansion. Some of our past series have been:

  • Arts Entrepreneurs with Christy Strauss
  • The Business Growth Series with Stoney Wilson Business Consulting


  • Alianza de Negocios Latinos
  • Downtown Mesa Merchants
  • Apache Boulevard Businesses

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When a small business is planning an expansion, or an entrepreneur is trying to get a new enterprise off the ground, there are often various permitting and application processes with city governments that can sometimes be challenging. This is why NEDCO, in conjunction with other services, help businesses navigate city requirements. NEDCO develops and maintains strong relationships with cities in order to help facilitate interactions with business districts. NEDCO is a proud partner and supporter of RAIL Mesa (Retail, Arts, Innovation, and Livability) that, among other issues, advocates for quality jobs and entrepreneur innovation in downtown Mesa.