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Restaurant Crawls

The Apache Boulevard corridor undoubtedly has the best food from around the world all within a very central and accessible location in Tempe. It is also a simple known fact that if you visit at least five restaurants in the corridor, you will become addicted to at least one of them. This is why restaurant owners came together with NEDCO as a coordinator to put together restaurant crawls. Five restaurants in three hours, full of tasting delicious flavors and connecting with other folks who enjoy quality food, for a low cost. Celebrating this incredible asset to the business community and getting people to come back to the area is what this placemaking, shared promotions event is all about. Look out for the next one by checking the calendar, or signing up to our newsletter.

Creative Catalysts

Creative Catalysts is an initiative of the Mesa Arts Center to build a younger audience and build the creative community in Downtown Mesa. In line with NEDCO’s placemaking initiatives and interest in using place as a means for bringing people together, NEDCO is proud to lead the community outreach efforts and help shape the future of this program and its impact on our community.